Tara Theatre invites you to witness a unique and evocative production written by Atiha Sen Gupta and inspired by the tales of our Young Company

“I am a manifestation of a family tree with
a rich history
from the Middle East to the South East of England
I carry the values of a generation
no matter the destination.”

DNA structures link us to our past. Webs of lies shape our present. Networks of stories weave us together and make up the fabric of our society. 

DNA’ is a vibrant exploration of contemporary British identity as shaped by the ancestral cultural identities of our families, and the complex politics of borders, boundaries and movement that leave their mark. ‘DNA’ invites you to leave your handprint on this story.

Witness a unique and evocative production written by Atiha Sen Gupta and inspired by the tales of the Young Company – a diverse group of artists between the ages of 18 and 25, whose lives have been shaped by the challenges of migration and displacement due to conflict.

Directed by Associate Director Natasha Kathi-Chandra, ‘DNA‘ is the culmination of a collaborative devising process. It is written by Atiha Sen Gupta –  inspired by the tales of the Young Company. With influences from traditional dances to rave culture, this moving production promises to challenge your assumptions and leave you with a new appreciation for the stories that shape young people today.

  • Dates: Tue 18 April - Sat 22 April, 7pm
    Sat 22 April, 3pm
  • Venue: Tara Theatre
  • Age: 14+
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This performance features loud sounds, flashing lights, haze, and use of non-toxic powder (more details available on request).

The performance includes scenes that some viewers may find disturbing, including depictions and mentions of violence, homophobia, sexual assault, and racism.