It’s been 50 years since the birth of Bangladesh, but what does it mean to be of Bangladeshi heritage in the UK today.

Driven by the sharing of food, poetry, live music, spoken word and contemporary South Asian dance, Dawaat is a performance that will flood the senses and shift perspectives. 

Through the exploration of contrasting narratives and by working closely with Bangladeshi diaspora communities in London, we have devised an unforgettable piece of intergenerational theatre that looks at what the 50th anniversary means to the diaspora. 

With female voices firmly at the heart of this production, Dawaat will subvert expectations, challenge mindsets and delight your ears, eyes and taste buds. Pull up a seat at our dining table and feast with us as we celebrate 50 years of independence. 


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Further Information

  • Dates: 14 Dec – 16 Dec 2021
  • Prices: £9.50 - £20
  • Running time: 50 minutes
  • Venue: Tara Theatre
  • Age: 12+


Unreserved Stage Seating with Food: £20
Unreserved Stage Seating with food Concessions: £17.50
Stalls seating: £12
Stalls seating Concessions £9.50

Dawaat is a feast for the eyes, ears and the taste buds but are only able to seat 30 individuals around our communal dining table. If you select ‘Unreserved Stage Seating with Food’ at the point of booking you will enjoy some delicious Bangladeshi food whilst experiencing the live performance.

Please email us at bookings@taratheatre.com if you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements.