Our Future

Under our new Artistic Director Abdul Shayek’s leadership, Tara Theatre will drive change within the UK theatre landscape, addressing the lack of diversity and representation and challenging our industry. We will create exceptional, innovative and politically charged theatre for now. 

We’ve developed an artistic model to create a contemporary, democratic space with co-creation at its heart. We see Tara Theatre as a centre for a wide-ranging community of artists and audiences in South Wandsworth and beyond. Our work will continue to explore the complexities of our world, promoting South Asian voices and artists, creating exciting new narratives, new ideas and new forms.

We believe everyone we work with is an artist and has an important and creative voice to be amplified, whether they are part of our local community, younger creatives, emerging talents or established professionals.

We will also be growing our work and presence across the UK, with a focus on areas with large South Asian diaspora communities, including Greater Manchester, Leicester, Coventry, Birmingham, Derby and Leeds.

We will celebrate our global community with international collaborations. Abdul’s first season of work brings together artists from across Wandsworth, the UK, China, India and the US.

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