Leesa Gazi

Leesa Gazi is a British Bangladeshi writer, actor, award-winning filmmaker, and Joint Artistic Director of a London based arts company, Komola Collective.

She has dedicated her career to presenting stories told from a woman’s perspective via theatre and film. Gazi was the co-writer and performer of Birangona: Women of War theatre production, nominated for The Offies 2014  in the UK, which she later developed into the documentary film Rising Silence. The film, directed by Gazi, sheds light on the lives of sexual violence survivors in the aftermath of the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Rising Silence won fifteen international awards worldwide.

Westland Books have published Hellfire, an English translation of Gazi’s critically acclaimed Bengali novel Rourob in 2020.
Gazi has written, directed, and produced several CVE (Counter Violence Extremism) short films for the UK-based think tank. She has written and performed for Shakespeare’s Globe, the BBC, Ted Talk, the Southbank Centre, Akram Khan Company and other prestigious venues and organisations.

Since 2017, Gazi has started working with Global Survivors Network, SEMA established by Nobel Laureate Dr Denis Mukegwege’s Foundation.

She is currently working on her debut fiction film, A House Named Shahana.