A new international co-creation project: What happens when artistic worlds collide, grow and blossom together?

Prepare to be inspired by the ingenious creativity of 14 artists, over 5000 miles apart, who have never met in person, collaborating together to co-create powerfully curated new worlds at venues across the UK and Bangladesh.

Artists Make Space is a major new international collaboration pairing seven Bangladesh based artists with seven UK based artists to co-create new multidisciplinary works. The program aims to nurture a new generation of Bangladesh and UK artists to connect and co-create new works together. Exploring various forms such as visual art, sculptures, textile, audio, performance, and digital art, these artists express their response to shared experiences. The pieces offer a unique perspective on issues like migration, climate change, gender disparity, and intergenerational trauma through the lens of co-creation.

Part of our Bangladesh 50 season, Tara Theatre will present the final works from the collaboration through a series of bespoke events in the UK (London, Birmingham, Manchester) and in Bangladesh (Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong).

Working with Britto Arts Trust and commissioned by the British Council, the project marks seventy years of the British Council in Bangladesh and its work in providing a safe space for people to creatively engage and voice their views through a range of artistic mediums. 

This project is led artistically by Tara Theatre’s Artistic Associate Natasha Kathi-Chandra.


Tara Theatre: Friday 14th & Saturday 15th October (11am-4pm), FREE entry
Free to attend, but advance bookings are encouraged.

Birmingham REP: Friday 21st October (6pm-10pm) & Saturday 22nd October (10am-3pm)

Contact Theatre: Friday 28th & Saturday 29th October (11am-4pm)


Please be aware this event contains themes, references and scenes of: 

Mental/Physical illness, grief/bereavement, transphobia/deadnaming/misgendering, homophobia, sexual violence, nudity, homophobic violence, sexual violence and domestic violence.