Trusts & Foundations

For over four decades, Tara Theatre has supported generations of South Asian performers, writers, directors, musicians and choreographers; and toured extensively nationally and internationally. Tara Theatre remains to this day the only UK theatre whose programme focuses uniquely on South Asian artists, cultural heritage and experience.

The Future

We are at a transitional moment in our long and influential history. In August 2020, Abdul Shayek was appointed as Tara Theatre’s Artistic Director, beginning a bold new chapter. We will continue our vital work in South Wandsworth, which presents one of the highest rates of earning inequality of all London boroughs with the gap between rich and poor being the fourth largest in the capital. We have also developed crucial plans to grow our work across the UK, focusing on areas where engagement with the arts is low. Under Abdul’s leadership, Tara Theatre will be a catalyst and agent for change within the UK theatre landscape, addressing the widespread lack of diversity and inclusivity.

Our reach

Each year, Tara Theatre welcomes over 8,000 people (45% are from Asian, Black and ethnically diverse backgrounds) who attend our productions and works with 400 artists, 80% of whom are from Asian, Black and ethnically diverse backgrounds. We provide educational opportunities for 500 participants, and sometimes more when touring extensively.

Current funders

Our current funders include: Paul Hamlyn Foundation; Garfield Weston Foundation; Cockayne Grants for the Arts; National Lottery Heritage Fund; Genesis Foundation;
Wimbledon Community Fund; Maria Bjornson Memorial Fund; Wandsworth Grant Fund; Foyle Foundation.

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