Tara Theatre Partner with Brown Sauce to Present: The Comedy Lab

14 July 2023

Tara Theatre are delighted to announce our partnership with Brown Sauce — the leading London based monthly comedy club for South Asian comedy — for an exclusive comedy lab and showcase event: The Comedy Lab.

The evening will take place on Fri 29 September as part of the brand new Tara Specials series. This collaboration aims to provide a unique opportunity for new South Asian unsigned comedy enthusiasts and performers to showcase their talent and connect with like-minded individuals.

The Comedy Lab offers aspiring comedians the chance to participate in a free one-day workshop in London, where they will receive expert guidance from comedy professionals, honing their stand-up skills and expanding their comedic repertoire. This exclusive workshop will culminate in a ticketed showcase event, where participants will have the incredible opportunity to perform up to a 5-minute routine alongside a top headliner. 

Starting out in the comedy world isn’t easy, but with this partnership, we seek to change that by creating more spaces for the South Asian Community,” says Sharlin Jahan, Founder of Brown Sauce. “The Comedy Lab is a fantastic chance for emerging South Asian comedians to shine and be part of a supportive community.

Producing work and providing a space for artists to grow for four decades, Tara Theatre is the UK’s oldest global majority-led theatre company. Exploring the world through a South Asian lens and fostering the growth and exploration of creative expression, Tara Theatre has been a steadfast supporter of South Asian performers, writers, directors, musicians, and choreographers. Leading the way with its commitment to innovative and politically charged theatre while providing a nurturing environment for new and emerging artists, Tara Theatre’s CEO and Artistic Director Abdul Shayek says:

“Comedy has been such a crucial part of the diaspora. It’s a way for us to tell our story and laugh at ourselves. Additionally comedy allows us to point out the contradictions and challenges of institutional racism that sit at the heart of how the South Asian community has been treated”. Shayek continues “Comedy seems to be an integral part to how the diaspora connect with each other. This is why we must support the next generation of South Asian comedians”.

Tara Theatre’s Senior Producer Neena Shea comments We wanted to create a home where South Asian rising stars and emerging comedians can meet other artists and support each other.”

Limited spots are available for The Comedy Lab, and aspiring comedians are encouraged to apply before the deadline of Fri 11 August. Successful applicants will be notified by Mon 28 August, and the workshop and showcase will take place on Fri 29 September. Eligibility criteria include being of South Asian background and having 0-2 years of experience on the comedy scene.

The headliner for the evening showcase event will be revealed shortly.

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Head this way to apply for the workshop and secure your chance to be part of the showcase event



For any further details or enquiries, please email brownsaucehaha@gmail.com.