Tara Theatre Nominated for The Stage Award for Artists Make Space

17 December 2022

We are thrilled to announce that our international co-creation project, Artists Make Space, has been nominated for The Stage Award in the International Award category!

This groundbreaking project paired seven Bangladesh based artists with seven UK based artists, resulting in a series of new and exploratory works spanning art forms including playwriting, visual art, music, poetry, film and more. Commissioned by the British Council and led artistically by Tara Theatre’s Artistic Associate Natasha Kathi-Chandra, the project was presented through a series of bespoke events across England and Bangladesh in autumn 2022. The initiative aimed to foster co-creation across continents by developing a cross-national cohort of early career artists, and was spurred by the British Council’s continuing influence in Bangladesh as the nation celebrates 50 years of independence.

The success of this project is a testament to the grit, talent, and cooperation of the participating artists, as well as the creative direction and support systems devised by the project team. The impressive versatility of the art produced and the enduring relationships built between the artists are a true testament to the project’s impact.

The Artists Make Space project has had a profound impact on the artists themselves, who have benefited from invaluable mentorship opportunities and the collaborative and communicative nature of the project working across borders.

"It's truly amazing working with an artist thousands of miles away. Thinking in a bigger way to connect artists to share their perceptions, their interests, and the transforming experiences of their creative practice."

Artists Make Space Artist

Moving forward, the trailblazing blueprint pioneered by Artists Make Space provides ample scope to develop further and scale up with the potential to inspire new creative cross-border collaborations in the future. We are excited to see the potential of this project continue to grow and evolve.

We are grateful to the British Council and Britto Arts Trust for their support and guidance, and we are honored to have been recognized with The Stage Award nomination. This project truly showcases the power of international collaboration and the incredible things that can be achieved when artists come together to create.


Find out more about the Artists Make Space project here.