“Fiery, brave, bold, heartwarming, jovial”. Reasons why you should see SPOKEN SPACE

20 September 2022

Tara Theatre’s Artistic Associate, Natasha Kathi-Chandra explains why you should see our epic night of live music, poetry, spoken word, monologues and open mic, Spoken Space on the 7th October.

What is Spoken Space?

Spoken Space is a supportive, open and creative space for artists of South Asian heritage or connections to share their work and talents be it in writing, performing, acting, singing or music.

Every Spoken Space event at Tara Theatre aims to have something different from the last, where our previous event featured only spoken word artists, this one blends poetry, monologues, songs and music together.

The event will be led by our host multi-talented artist, performer, dancer, and writer Raimu Iftum and will feature poetry from S S Haque and Suman Gujral, and our monologue headliner for the evening Sajeela Kershi.

In addition to this, we will have performances from the Grewal Twins, music from Amrit Kaur.

BONUS: Open mic slots are available for members of the audience to sign up and take the mic!

What are you most looking forward to about the event?

I am looking forward to the buzz and blend of music, words and performances and the room full of South Asian & global majority artists sharing their voices and being listened to and taken in by the audience. This is a place for artists to share & trial their work, be brave, bold and play! We are a platform to support and champion artists!

Describe Spoken Space in 5 words:

Fiery, brave, bold, heartwarming, jovial

What can the audience expect to feel after seeing the show?

Inspired, seen, heard, safe, entertained, proud

What is special about Spoken Space?

The relaxed atmosphere and blending of different art forms together with an intimate audience. Artists are of various different backgrounds, journeys, abilities and talents. The live band (all of global majority heritage) supporting the line-up and jamming live in the space is also going to be very special. The first time the band will be performing together will be on the evening of the event – so prepare to witness a live band jam, improv and vibes!

Why is Spoken Space important? 

Artist development is at the heart of our Spoken Space events. We want to provide safe & supportive platforms for South Asian artists to trial new work or flex their talents and abilities as artists in a safe and nurturing space. We aim to bring South Asian artists from different art forms and backgrounds under one roof for an evening, to connect, support each other, listen, be generous and be inspired.

The work is different and unique to traditional work you would see in a theatre like plays. Artists explore themes that are important to them as South Asian artists through other art forms (eg poetry, music etc).

In the future, Spoken Space will have themes around upcoming seasons/ main house shows and others will blend more art forms with spoken word, eg. dance/movement spoken space event.

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